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At the Sweetser Law Office, we believe in righting wrongs and rebuilding lives. Our attorney, James R. Sweetser, has dedicated over 35 years of his life to serving the people of eastern Washington. With experience as a prosecutor, he knows all the details of how cases operate both in and out of the courtroom. Since our firm's roots are so deeply set in the surrounding areas, our firm's stake in our clients' success is more than just professional-it's personal. Our Liberty Lake personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing the counsel and support you need during this challenging legal time.

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Standing Up for Your Rights in a Range of Legal Matters

Because we care so deeply for our community, we take a very strong interest in those who come to us seeking help. Whether we are taking on complex and challenging civil claims or navigating difficult injury claims, we are always ready to assist those in need in Liberty Lake. We want to hear from you, so please get in touch with us.

We can represent clients for a variety of cases, including:

We can schedule a free case review with our lawyer review your case and determine what all your options are. Keep in mind that our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge our clients until we win their case. Work with an attorney who cares.

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