Day Care Center Injuries

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Day Care Center Injuries in Spokane

As parents, we worry about our children’s health and safety. For most households, both parents usually work, meaning children need to go to a day care. Other times, it is a useful avenue to help the child grow. Either way, we take painstaking notes and do meticulous research on where to send our children in regards to day care centers. However, what happens when you are not with the child? There is an inherent anxiety that comes from sending kids out of our care.

Unfortunately, if a day care center fails to provide the appropriate care or maintain a safe facility, injuries are inevitable. Children in particular are more susceptible to getting hurt if not properly cared for. If your child sustained injuries while at a day care center, you may be able to seek compensation for their hurt. If the facility fails to follow safety codes or staff member do not effectively follow guidelines, they can be held responsible for their negligence.

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Starting a Case for a Day Care Center Injury

Many causes can lead to a daycare center injury. The primary reasons can be because of premises liability and negligence. If the building managers fail to uphold safety codes, they can put all the occupants in danger.

Common day care premises liabilities include:

  • The building has hazardous conditions the manager is aware of but has not fixed.
  • The building is not up to code.
  • There are known risks that have not been resolved.

The people who care for your children are also responsible for their wellbeing. If the daycare staff is negligent, your child can sustain extensive injuries that could have been prevented.

Common forms of negligence include:

  • The caretakers do not properly watch the children.
  • The staff fails to obtain child’s medical history and allergies.
  • The caretaker intentionally harms child.

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