ATV Vehicle Accidents

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Every year, an estimated 800 individuals die in ATV (all-terrain vehicle) accidents, and 140,000 are injured. Driver recklessness only accounts for a portion of these accidents. One of the major causes of these accidents is design flaws in the vehicles themselves or the manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers about potential risks or failure to instruct them about how to properly operate the ATV.

If you or a loved one were injured in an ATV accident, our Spokane personal injury attorneys can investigate to determine liability. You may be entitled to compensation for injuries, property damage, and even wrongful death of a loved one.

For example, Polaris Industries, Inc. has had 12 rounds of recalls for several models of their ATVs from years 2013-2017, recalling over 300,000 vehicles for their fire risks. There have been 247 reported fire incidents, 3 deaths, and 30 burns and injuries involving a design defect that caused the vehicle to catch on fire, even after something as small as tipping over at low speeds.

Many argue that ATVs have a high propensity for rollovers—a problem that could be avoided with better design. Unfortunately, the federal government (with the Consumer Product Safety Commission) has not conducted thorough studies of ATV safety since the 1990s, leaving much to chance when it comes to consumer safety.

ATV accidents have been known to cause catastrophic injuries, including:

These accidents can also lead to death at one extreme, and more minor injuries such as concussions, fractures, cuts, and bruises on the other. This does not include property damage that can result from fires.

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