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The rear impact collision is the most common type of automobile collision. The National Traffic Safety Board estimates up to 2.5 million rear impact collisions occur every year, and nearly half of all two-vehicle crashes are rear end collisions. Rear-end collisions, in the majority of cases, are completely avoidable. Drivers are supposed to leave a safe distance between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Maintaining a safe following distance of at least three car lengths is recommended. While no specific law or code section in Washington states that the car or vehicle that rear-ends another vehicle is automatically at fault. However, it is a well-established by Washington courts that “the primary duty of avoiding a collision rests upon the following driver.” RCW 46.61.145. Therefore, the driver that rear-ends another vehicle is usually deemed at fault.

The most common cause of a rear-end accident is an inattentive driver following too closely (tailgating) or failing to adjust to weather conditions that affect the roadway. In approximately 87% of all rear-end collisions, the NTSB revealed that drivers fail to observe the traffic ahead, and when forced to come to a sudden stop are unable to do so, and slam into the rear of another vehicle.

Causes of rear-end collisions include:

  • Aggressive driving behavior - Cutting off other vehicles, abrupt lane changes, or failing to obey traffic signals on the road are aggressive driving behaviors that can cause a rear-end collision.
  • Distracted driving – Not paying attention including drowsy driving, driver fatigue, using a cell phone or texting.
  • Drunk driving - Drugs or alcohol can impair a driver's reactions and perception resulting in rear-end car accidents.
  • Icy, snowy or wet roadways - Wet and slippery roads due to black ice, snow, rain or fog may limit visibility. Longer following distances are recommended to avoid rear-end accidents.
  • Speeding - If a person is driving too fast, or traveling too fast for conditions, it can be very difficult to stop in time.
  • Tailgating - A driver must keep a safe distance between their car and the vehicle in front otherwise decreased reaction time makes a rear-end collision more likely to occur.

If another driver hit your vehicle from behind, leaving you or a loved one seriously injured, call Sweetser Law Office as soon as possible. Relevant evidence must be obtained and preserved. Sweetser Law Office will protect your rights and ensure you are fully compensated so you can focus on your recovery.

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Permanent Injury After Rear-End Collision

Insurance companies are very sophisticated and will attempt to get you to settle your claim without a full evaluation of the long-term consequences of your injuries. The common myth peddled by insurance companies is that serious vehicle damage has to be visible for physical injury to occur. However, a rear end accident, even at slow speeds, can cause serious damage ranging from inconvenience to immobility, limited range of motion to permanent chronic pain.

The neck and spine are very delicate structures susceptible to corking, twisting, nerve compression, whiplash and fracture. For example, if a person’s head is turned at the moment of impact it is extremely susceptible to permanent injury. Moreover, if a person has a pre-existing injury it is very common that the accident will cause a new flare up and serious aggravation. Sweetser Law Office will protect your right to full recovery by comprehensively preparing medical records, photographic evidence, police reports, witness testimony, and accident reconstruction.

With over 35 years of experience, we regularly prove rear-end collision cases including:

Naturally, your focus should be on recovery, upon getting treatment and rehabilitation from the injuries sustained. It can be a very long process regaining your health after a serious or catastrophic injury.

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