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Spokane Wrongful Death Attorney

Representing Grieving Families in Washington State

Coping with the death of a loved one can be one of the most trying times in your life. It has happened to me, to you, and it happens to everyone eventually. Loss of a life is something that we must live with, accept, and understand. However, if a loved one has been taken suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of someone else's negligence, acceptance will never be easy.

When a family member's death has been caused by negligence or wrongdoing, the grieving process only intensifies. We come to the conclusion that the carelessness of the person or company that took the life of our loved one was pointless, avoidable, and should never have happened. Rather than allowing them to continue making excuses or blaming others, there is a need for responsibility. In these circumstances, a wrongful death lawsuit might be necessary to receive the closure and financial compensation entitled to you and your family. Our Spokane wrongful death lawyers can help you file a claim and pursue justice from the responsiblible party.

After a person is killed due the misconduct of another, those who were dependent on the deceased have the right to damages. While no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, financial security in the future and the relief that comes from responsible parties being brought to justice can provide a sense of closure and security to surviving family members.

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Supporting Surviving Family Members After The Unthinkable Happens

At Sweetser Law Office, we put into practice what we hold to be true: life is precious. The life and love of a family member is priceless. Nothing could ever prepare us for the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. If their death could have been prevented, there is a need for consequences and with consequences, a sense of closure for a family. Those responsible must be held accountable for their actions or preventable deaths may continue.

To pursue legal action in the aftermath of a wrongful death is never easy, especially when you are focused on your family. Our goal as Spokane wrongful death lawyers is to take some of the burdens away by handling the legal aspects required to protect your rights in the civil justice system, including investigating the circumstances of your family member’s death. Taking action can be instrumental in getting answers, holding the wrongdoer accountable, receiving closure, and protecting the financial security of surviving family members.

Surviving family members have the right to file a wrongful death suit and to financial compensation for:

  • Lost income or financial support to the familyWoman sitting on park bench
  • Pre-death emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship, love, affection, protection, care, and moral support
  • Children’s loss of a parental figure for guidance and supervision
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Property damage or medical expenses associated with the death
  • Loss of significant household responsibilities

Each case is unique and requires a thorough investigation. We most often see cases involving: auto accidents, medical malpractice, construction sites, severe falls and defective products. Sweetser Law Office will consult with medical professionals, accident reconstructionists, insurance actuaries, accountants, grief counselors and other specialists to prepare your case for trial.

Protecting You Against Deceptive Insurance Company Tactics

Often insurance companies try to blame the victim for their death to reduce their own financial liability. The insurance company will use their legal departments and financial resources to argue the loss of your loved one just wasn’t worth much. At Sweetser Law Office, our Spokane wrongful death lawyers have the resources, network of professionals, and decades of experience to take them on. We seek to show the full extent of the damage, grief, and loss, so your loved one’s death is not marginalized. No one whose death is caused by careless or reckless actions of others should be forgotten by our justice system.

Receive the compassionate representation you deserve, backed by 30+ years of experience. Call our Spokane firm today for a free initial case review and let us fight for fair compensation.

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