Dangerous / Defective Products

Defective and Dangerous Product Liability in Spokane

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Product liability refers to holding a manufacturer liable – or responsible – for selling a dangerous or defective product. Everyone would like to believe regular products have been thoroughly tested for safety defects. In fact, corporations are required by law to make sure all products, children’s toys, vehicles, heavy equipment and even food, is safe before being sold to consumers. Unfortunately, not all items and products are safe. Many products are later discovered to be hazardous or defectively designed, and some products are dangerous because they do not provide sufficient warnings.

Product liability lawsuits are American consumer’s most effective weapon against unreasonably dangerous products. They hold corporations accountable for putting profits over people’s safety, and they protect future consumers. However, a faulty product lawsuit can be extremely expensive. A defective product case entails investigations, depositions, experts, documents, etc. that can run into the hundreds of thousands.

While some lawyers will require their clients to incur costly litigation loans to fund these expenses, Sweetser Law Office does not. We advance all of the funding to prove your case and we never charge interest on these expenses. Product liability cases can be difficult to prove. Each state has their own set of consumer protection laws to enforce negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and failure to warn statutes. So hiring a firm with experience is essential.

If you believe you have been injured by a faulty, defective, or unreasonably dangerous product contact the Spokane product liability lawyers at Sweetser Law Office as soon as possible.

Was the Product Faulty, Defective, or Unreasonably Dangerous?

Anyone who has been unexpectedly hurt by a product might have a product liability claim. The person who was harmed does not have to be the owner of the product. The key question is whether the product was unreasonably dangerous, faulty, or defective.

How to determine whether the product is considered unreasonably dangerous:

  • The product or item did not perform as a reasonable person would expect
  • The product did not function as the manufacturer would reasonably expect
  • The dangers of the product outweigh its benefits

How to determine whether a design defect exists:

  • Was the design of the product unreasonably dangerous prior to manufacturing?
  • Was it plausible to anticipate the product's design could harm a potential user?
  • Could a superior design have been used that was economically feasible and would not alter the purpose of the product?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you may have grounds to file a design defect or breach of warranty claim, and you should contact the product liability attorneys at Sweetser Law Office immediately at (509) 444-4444.

Protecting the Public from Unsafe Products

  • Automobile Products
  • Automobile Crash Protections
  • ATV and Recreational Vehicles
  • Bed Guardrails
  • Children's Products
  • Construction Equipment & Materials
  • Diving Boards
  • Electronics
  • Evenflo High Chairs
  • Garage Door Malfunctions
  • Hip Replacements or Hip Implants
  • Home Fixtures and Furnishings
  • Household Products and Appliances
  • Jet Ski and Boat Injuries
  • Knee Replacements
  • Lawnmower Injuries
  • Medical Products, devices and drugs
  • Power Tools and Saws
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Propane Tank Explosions
  • Sliding Gate Malfunctions
  • Sports and Recreational Equipment
  • Toxic Chemical Substances
  • Trailer Hitches and Tracker Trailers

Sweetser Law Office has access to a large database of experts who study and analyze products that are hurting consumers because of their defects. Our engineering and product safety experts employ scientific methods to conduct failure analysis, identify causes of repeated injury, and develop reasonable solutions that should have been implemented to fix the product. In a defective product case, this type of scientific expertise will be vital to proving your claim.

Additionally, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission investigates many types of products, sending out important notices and public recall alerts about products repeatedly causing injuries. The US Food and Drug Administration monitors pharmaceutical drugs and food safety issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission investigates automobiles that do not adequately protect people in car crashes. All of the laws, public resources and statistics should be researched to develop a successful product liability claim. If you believe you have been a victim of a defective product, save all potential evidence by keeping the product in safe place and taking photos. Store all purchase information, receipts, instruction manuals, pamphlets or marketing materials.

Contact our Spokane product liability attorneys for a free case review. All communication with Sweetser Law Office is confidential and completely free. Our product liability lawyers are available to discuss the merits of your case to determine whether you have reasonable grounds for a claim.