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Playground Injuries in Spokane

Though they are meant to be a source of entertainment, enjoyment, and innocent fun, playgrounds can also be a source of real danger for your child. When playgrounds are poorly maintained or fail to meet the necessary safety codes, they pose a serious risk to children. Though we never expect a playground to be a hazardous place for our children, the truth of the matter is that playground injuries are more common than you may like to believe. If your child is one of the many, look no further for aggressive and effective legal advocacy than our child injury lawyers of Sweetser Law Office.

Every year across the United States, over 200,000 children are rushed to emergency room departments due to injuries they incurred on the playground. These dangerous injuries are usually the result of hidden dangers on faulty, dangerous, or defective playground equipment while a child is swinging, climbing the monkey bars, or sailing down the slide.

Schools, recreation facilities, municipal parks and childcare centers are responsible for ensuring playgrounds are safe. The sad reality is, most playground equipment is usually decades old, and deteriorates over time. This equipment can rust, screws can loosen, wood can rot, ropes may wear out, and sharp or protruding edges may emerge.

Oftentimes, playground injuries can be severe, if not fatal. There are countless reports of children who have been strangled after becoming entangled in faulty equipment. Additionally, defective equipment may cause falls from heights, causing serious fractures, dislocations, concussions, internal injuries, and sometimes amputations. The highest risk children are those from low income households, as they are so often dependent on childcare services.

Child Safety Laws Need to Be Enforced

Playground injuries are often preventable. Washington State safety laws and regulations are designed to protect our children--but only if they are followed and enforced. Minimum safety standards for playground equipment, design, and supervision have been developed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The following are the two main factors which contribute to playground injuries:

  • Poor maintenance or upkeep of the facilities
  • Lack of proper supervision

At a young age, children do not fully appreciate risks as they are not aware of their own limitations. However, it is not their responsibility to be concerned over these matters--it is the responsibility of those who supervise, protect, and oversee these playgrounds. Teachers and childcare providers are most commonly trusted to be attentive in order to address dangerous situations, preventing injury. Legally, daycare centers and schools are required to act with the responsibility and foresight of a parent while supervising a child.

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