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Motor Vehicle Deaths in WashingtonRose

Annually, over 35,000 people die in car crashes on U.S. roadways according to the latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On average, that’s more than one car accident death every 12 minutes. This is a staggering increase in fatal accidents, in fact, the largest year-to-year increase in nearly 50 years.

In the state of Washington, we have experienced a troubling increase in traffic fatalities. Over 2 million were injured on the roads in over 6 million police-reported crashes. Given the emphasis on safe driving and the state cracking down on distracted driving, the rise was unexpected. Spokane was not immune. Spokane saw a 28% rise in traffic fatalities last year. This is especially concerning because, despite more safety education efforts about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving, the number of fatalities continues to increase.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, it is normal and natural to want answers - answers about how the accident occurred, who is responsible, and how your family will survive financially. Call (509) 444-4444 today to learn more about your options!

One of the first questions family members often ask is "Why?" Why did we lose our mother, father, son, or daughter so unexpectedly, suddenly and violently? If your loved one’s death was preventable, if he or she would still be here today had an at-fault driver chosen to follow the rules of the road, you can demand justice for yourself and your family through the civil justice system.

It can be difficult to perceive differences between law firms as you work to select a lawyer following a wrongful death. Even if you are sure of what you are looking for – experience, personal service and a high degree of knowledge – it is a challenge to determine which firm can truly offer the service and competence you need and deserve. Sweetser Law Office is dedicated to righting wrongs and obtaining justice worth fighting for.

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