Spokane Dog Bite Attorney

Been Seriously Bitten By A Dog?

Animal attacks can cause severe, disfiguring injuries. The dog's owner is usually responsible for their animal's attack. If you have suffered a dog bite injury, Sweetser Law Office is here to help you understand your legal rights and the potential of compensation for your injury.

Dog bites occur an estimated 4.7 million times in the United States every year and more than 850,000 dog bites require medical treatment, with the most frequent victims of dog bites being children under the age of nine. If you have been attacked or bitten by someone else’s dog you are entitled to full compensation for the injuries suffered.

In the aftermath of a dog bite, you may require extended treatment, including facial surgery, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that add up quickly. The Spokane dog bite attorneys at Sweetser Law Office are here to help. We can investigate the animal, assist in preserving and preparing evidence, gather medical records and photographs, and contact witnesses. We are experienced handling severe dog bite claims and will ensure your rights are protected after an unexpected animal attack.

What to Do if You Are Bitten by a Dog

If possible, it is important to identify the dog so you may later give an accurate description to doctors, animal control workers, or legal authorities. Write down who owns the dog and where the animal lives. Take photographs of the injuries as soon as you can. Although sometimes difficult, the dog owner usually can be identified with licensing and vaccination records as well as witness testimony. During your free initial case review with Sweetser Law Office, our Spokane dog bite lawyer will look into the animal’s recorded history to determine whether the dog has past bites and whether the dog had a rabies vaccine.

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite Attack?

If a person was injured in a dog bite attack, then the owner is liable for damages. The dog's former viciousness or the dog owner's knowledge of the dog's viciousness does not mater. A dog owner is liable whether they are in a public place or lawfully in a private place, even in property that belongs to the owner of the dog.

Get Representation from a Trusted Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer

Washington State applies what is known as “strict liability” against animal owners whose animals bite or attack others. This means the owner is responsible for the animal regardless of whether the owner did anything wrong with respect to protecting others from attack, even if the dog owner had no reason to believe that a pet was dangerous.

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