Head Trauma, Concussion, & Pituitary InjuryX-ray images of human brain

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Over 1.5 million Americans are afflicted by a traumatic brain injury each year and over 70,000 experience long-term disability as a result. There has been a great deal of attention about concussions in the media recently, as the NFL and other sports organizations have been forced to address growing evidence head trauma has permanent effects.

Health Problems Associated with Concussions

Recent research shows clearly that concussions, especially repeat concussions, cause long-term health problems. Our Spokane catastrophic injury lawyer can provide you with more information and resources so that you know how these health issues can affect a person later on down the line.

In the worst cases, the debilitating effect of brain injury leads to dementia, severe depression, and sometimes suicide, which is why sports organizations, from the NFL to high school football teams, have put in place strict new protocols to evaluate head injuries before a player is allowed to return to the field.

Head Trauma Affects the Body’s Cognitive Functions

Scientific studies are discovering that a human’s pituitary gland is particularly vulnerable to head trauma. The pituitary is located at the base of the brain, and it is the catalyst for hormonal signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Damaging the pituitary gland can alter hormone production, including growth hormones and adrenaline. This leads to permanent cognitive deficits, brain fog, fatigue, personality changes and hormonal imbalances.

Doctors have the ability to identify the impact location on the brain using CT scans, MRI’s, Sand x-rays, insulin tolerance tests, glucagon stimulation tests, or neurological examinations. While concussion or post-concussion symptoms might appear as bruising, tearing, or swelling in the frontal lobe of the brain, a pituitary injury is discovered by assessing whether an individual's hormone level has been dangerously compromised, below the acceptable standard.

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The Long-Term Effects of Head Trauma

The human brain is complex, and head trauma injuries can be permanently disabling. Typically, the onset of concussion syndrome or pituitary injury occurs within a week or so of your brain injury, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The long-term effects of a traumatic head injury, concussion, or pituitary damage can cause adverse changes in your personality, making you quicker to anger, suspicious of others and argumentative. While your family and close friends may understand the source of these shifts in personality, your boss and colleagues at work may not, so it is important to seek help. To most people, you might appear fine on the outside, but the damage is on the inside – and it affects your ability to think clearly or impacts your ability to work. We can direct you to the proper specialists for a full diagnosis and protect your right to full compensation if you were injured by another.