Consumer Protection Act

Consumer Protection Act

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The Consumer Product Safety Act of 1972 instituted the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for the purpose of protecting American consumers from defective and dangerous products. The statute designates power to the CPSC to recall products on the market that have been proven to cause repeated injury or that pose unreasonable safety threats. The CPSC may also create regulations and standards for manufacturers to follow.

CPSC and Product Liability Claims

If the CPSC has announced a recall for a product that caused you injury, this can serve as a strong argument for your product liability claim. The CPSC’s judgment about a product may help lend credence to your claim that it caused you injury.

Keep in mind, however, that we will need to establish more than just this fact to win your case. The courts will ask you to prove that the particular model of the product in your possession was dangerous and defective, and that the product directly caused your injury. Other factors will be taken into consideration, such as whether or not the manufacturer was already aware of the product’s defect and danger, whether or not the manufacturer had already reported it to the CPSC, and whether or not the manufacturer was made aware of the CPSC’s recall or warnings regarding the product.

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