Anna Adams

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Anna was first introduced to Sweetser law as a client after suffering a lower leg injury that changed her life forever. Little did she know that Sweeter Law would quickly become family.

Anna was always interested in the medical field and knew that she would eventually have a career involving medicine. At 11 years old Anna purposefully tried to break her left pinky finger so she could learn to fix it herself. She was a state athlete throughout high school and sports remain a huge part of her life. This is where she gets her competitive drive

Anna graduated with her Bachelors in Science and Nursing from Washington State College of Nursing in 2011. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she quickly entered the nursing field as a med surge nurse. It was here where she learned empathy and compassion for patients; holding their hand and guiding them through their most vulnerable time as an individual. She has not allowed her injury to take away her love for life and passion for advocating for her patients.

After 6 years of med surge nursing and welcoming 2 little boys into the family, Anna began her journey in nursing as a hospice nurse. She went from saving lives to holding the hands of families as they walk through the final stages of their loved ones life. Hearing countless stories of how the medical system failed patients and their families sparked a flame in Anna to begin a new journey. This new journey landed her at Sweetser Law as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Anna serves as the bridge between the medical system and Sweetser Law. She works hands on with the firm to navigate the medical world while focusing on the client from a medical perspective. She educates the firm on patient conditions and gives them a medical perspective without having to wait on hold with a doctors office. After medically advocating for herself through her injury, she learned how important medical representation is in the legal world. She is a patient advocate and her competitive drive gets things done! Anna was first a client and now she gives back by standing by clients and navigating the medical system with them.

Anna’s motto is: “you wouldn’t walk into a courtroom without representation from an attorney, so why would you enter the medical world without medical representation?”