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Jim Sweetser's Comments on Otto Zehm Case Published in the Spokesman Review


On Tuesday, June 12th, Jim Sweetser's letter to the editor was published in the Spokesman review. Here is the link to the full article, feel free to leave a comment and join the discussion.

Below is his powerful statement:

City leaders must learn lessons if any good can come out of the tragic death of Otto Zehm.

Leaders should never attempt to distort the truth. To blame Otto Zehm for his beating was reprehensible. His last words were “all I wanted was a Snickers.”

Leaders should worry more about an independent and thorough investigation than press releases, spins on facts and public opinion.

Leaders must recognize the public expects those responsible to be held accountable. Without accountability, the public recognizes we are all endangered by the awesome power our government is privileged to exercise.

If the truth shows mistakes have been made, leaders need to admit it, sooner rather than later. If leaders deny responsibility, citizens lose trust in their government.

Leaders must put citizens’ interest in truth and justice ahead of the city’s financial interest and the interests of its employees.