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Each case is unique and different. Though past results do not guarantee future results, we can assure you that our Spokane personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to help you get the justice you deserve. Your case may not generate as much funds as another case with the same injuries. Each case depends on the insurance company, insurance adjuster, amount of medical treatment, amount of wage loss, as well future medicals and future wage loss expected. There are lots of variables in every case. The long term effects of the injuries that impact your life also play a very large role in the amount awarded.

Remember that we will work our hardest to obtain a settlement that is favorable and fair and we will not accept an offer without your consent. You have the deciding vote and your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Spinal Cord Contusion- $195,000.00

Knee Injury / Knee Replacement- $200,000.00

Amputation of Middle Finger- $120,000.00

Torn Rotator Cuff- $110,000.00

Torn Rotator Cuff Causing Continual Neck Pain- $150,000.00

Whiplash Causing Continual Facet Pain- $160,000.00

Whiplash Causing Chronic Pain- $125,000.00

Fractured Vertebrae- $150,000.00

Dangerous Property Injuring Children- $500,000.00

$500,000 Policy Limit

We represented two children, ages four and five years old. The children discovered a gas can that had been left in the neighbor’s yard and poured it down a slide. While sliding down the slide, friction caused static electricity leading to a fire that severely burned both children

Bulging Low Back Disc- $95,000.00

Fatal Accident Caused by Rushed Delivery Driver- $2,150,000.00

$2.15 Million Policy Limit

Sweetser Law Office sued after a pizza delivery driver ran a stop sign, killing an 8-old-year old girl. Although four separate insurance companies attempted to avoid liability and insurance coverage, we successfully proved the offending delivery driver ran the stop sign. We also uncovered a troubling pattern that this pizza company hired inexperienced drivers and rushed them out the door with little training.

Chronic Knee Dysfunction- $101,750.00

Spokane, Washington Sweetser Law Office settled a case in mediation for $101,750.00. Litigation had been initiated. This claim arose from a non-working traffic light. Sweetser's client approached a non-working traffic signal, which was being treated as a 4 way stop. A driver coming from right failed to notice the traffic light was malfunctioning and proceeded through the light without out stopping. The client injured her knee resulting in knee surgery and minor chronic knee dysfunction. Discovery showed that the traffic signal had a malfunctioning component, which had been recalled. Initial suit was brought against the City, the manufacturing company and the other driver. The City was released from the suit. Mediation resulted in the manufacturer paying 96.5% of the settlement and the other driver paying 3.5% of the settlement.

Unstable Footing Ankle Fracture- $225,000.00

Grocery Store Slip and Fall- $80,000.00

Crushed Hand Caused by Defective Construction Equipment- $1,050,000.00

$1.05 Million

The plaintiff was twenty-eight years old and had rented a wood chipper. When the wood chipped malfunctioned, he was horrified to have his hand caught and crushed by the machine. With emergency treatment, he was able to maintain some use of his hand, although chronic hand pain was permanent.

Arrest Without Probable Cause- $60,000.00

Sexual Abuse by Mental Health Caretaker- $2,500,000.00

$2.5 Million

Our client, a thirty-two-year-old patient of a mental hospital, was the victim of egregious sexual abuse at the hands of the mental health professional taking care of her. The mental health counselor was also criminally prosecuted and convicted.

Unreasonable Use of Force- $50,000.00

Violation of Privacy- $50,000.00

Aggravation of Degenerative Knee Condition, Requiring Surgery- $300,000.00

Bicycle Accident Causing Shoulder Separation- $175,000.00

Chronic Knee Dysfunction- $100,000.00

Construction Injury to Ankle- $200,000.00

Defective Sidewalk Premise Liability- $300,000.00

Dog Bite- $50,000.00

Elder Care Neglect, Dementia Patient Falls Down Stairs- $150,000.00

Facial Injury Causing Scarring- $250,000.00

Facial Scar, Dog Bite- $185,000.00

Fractured Vertebrae- $150,000.00

Fusion Surgery, Broken Ribs & Pelvis- $425,000.00

Government Negligence of City Lights Causes Accident- $100,000.00

Government Negligence, Dog Attack Fractures Cervical Spine- $250,000.00

Government Negligence, Improper Medical Care- $400,000.00

Head on Collision Resulting in Hand Injury

Head Trauma, Fusion Surgery- $500,000.00

Herniated Disc without Surgery- $95,000.00

In Home Care Negligent Supervision of a Child- $450,000.00

Lawmower Defect Slices Buttocks- $225,000.00

Legal Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accident- $65,000.00

Legal Malpractice, Slip and Fall Resulting in Fusion Surgery- $200,000.00

Medical Negligence, Burn from MRI- $235,000.00

Medical Negligence, Faulty Knee Replacement- $250,000.00

Medical Negligence, Improper Steriod Injections- $425,000.00

Medical Negligence, Retained Sponge Resulting in No Complications- $50,000.00

Misdiagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism Blood Clot- $450,000.00

Motor Vehicle Accident Causing Rhizotomy with Full Recovery- $100,000.00

Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Shoulder Surgery- $115,000.00

Motorcyle Accident Resulting in Wrongful Death

Negligent Maintenance of Golf Course Resulting in Fusion Surgery- $250,000.00

Negligent Medical Treatment- $450,000.00

Negligent Misdiagnosis- $290,000.00

Parking Lot Failure to Remove Ice & Snow- $225,000.00

Crushed Leg Caused by Defective RTV- $980,000.00


Our client contacted us from Kentucky after reading about Sweetser’s success obtaining civil justice against foreign manufacturer. A sixteen-year-old star baseball player had his legs destroyed by a defective recreational terrain vehicle that resulted in multiple surgeries and severe scarring.

Crushed Leg Caused by Defective RTV Vehicle- $2,000,000.00

$2 Million

Sweetser Law Office represented a 16-year-old high school basketball standout after her leg was crushed by a defective recreational terrain vehicle. The story was heartbreaking for our local community, reported widely across local networks in Spokane. Ultimately, she required a left leg amputation. We sued the well-funded defended foreign manufacturer and demanded justice. Read more about this case.

Fraud & Professional Malpractice- $1,000,000.00

$1 Million Policy Limit

Sweetser Law Office represented investors who were defrauded by the professional malpractice of certain real estate appraisers. The scheme inflated prices to deceive investors about the value of condos in the Ridpath hotel during Spokane’s infamous Ridpath hotel scandals.

School Negligent Supervision of a Child, Abuse- $175,000.00

Special Needs Patient Slip and Fall on Stairs- $200,000.00

Sprinkler Head Causes Trip and Fall Broken Wrist- $75,000.00

Subcontractor Hits Construction Worker with Material- $200,000.00

Trip and Fall Wrist Injury- $300,000.00

Truck Accident, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- $650,000.00

Unlawful Arrest & Detainment- $50,000.00

Unlawful Arrest Without Probable Cause- $60,000.00

Unlawful Search & Seizure, Violation of Privacy- $50,000.00

Unsafe Premises, Dangerous Fence Crushes Fingers- $120,000.00

Unsafe Premises, Negligent Placement of Wheel Stop Requiring Ankle Surgery- $200,000.00

Whiplash Causing Chronic Headache- $50,000.00

Whiplash Causing Chronic Pain- $100,000.00

Semi-Truck Collision Causing PTSD- $600,000.00


In this case, a fifty-year-old long-haul truck driver was in a head-on collision when another semi-truck crossed the center line. The negligent driver was either distracted or fatigued. Although our client was not permanently injured physically, he continued to suffer from post-traumatic stress associated with the collision.

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