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Every child has the right to a safe, healthy, and happy childhood. Children should be able to grow up in environments where adults act responsibly. Unfortunately, young children are more susceptible because of their lack of knowledge and experience. It is too easy for a defenseless child to fall victim to negligence, recklessness, or malice of others.

In the United States, two dozen children die every day because of preventable injuries. Over eight million more children are seriously injured every year and live with the consequences of those injuries. An injury affects more than just the injured child - it affects many others involved in the child’s life. Such tragedy leaves families broken apart and changes the lives of those left behind.

Most child injuries are preventable, and improvements in the safety of children and adolescents can be achieved if there is legal accountability - according to the US Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund.

Most Frequent Child Injuries:

Giving Children a Voice

No parent ever wants to be a position where they must consider a suit to protect their child. But no one can undo the damage – we can only secure the compensation a child deserves to make the best possible recovery.

As a parent, you can setup a free initial consultation and file a lawsuit on behalf of your child. That’s what Sweetser Law Office is here for. We start investigating the accident right away. We’ll get to the bottom of who caused the harm to your child and figure out what insurance coverage could apply to your child’s case. You don’t have to worry about digging up evidence or even organizing paperwork – we’ll do it all.

We’ll make sure your child has access to the right medical care, even if you’re not able to afford the expense right now, because nothing is more important than your child getting better.

Child Injury Laws Every Parent Should Know

Children are among the most vulnerable members of our society. Washington state law recognizes certain duties that protect children from injury. These state laws benefit, but can potentially complicate, legal proceedings.

For example, a child less than six years old cannot be blamed for their own injury. Another important legal principle that applies in many school accidents is that of “in loco parentis," a Latin term meaning “in the place of the parent.” This principle holds that when parents entrust a care facility, day care center or school, we expect our child to be cared for as if one of their own.

Washington State law also recognizes that a child, by nature, is less fearful than an adult, and that children do not always appreciate the risks associated with activities. The “attractive nuisance doctrine” requires a landowner to alert children about dangerous conditions on their property which children might be attracted to.

Has your son or daughter been injured in an accident? Do not hesitate to give our firm a call or fill out a free case evaluation.

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