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There Is Nothing More Important than the Safety of Our Children

Nationally, up to 33 children die every day because of preventable injuries. Children are among the most vulnerable in society and when a child is severely injured it is not unusual for the impact to extend beyond the boundaries of the immediate family. Sweetser Law Office receives calls from all over Washington State from parents when their child has suffered a devastating injury. Our experienced attorneys and investigators are committed to protecting each child’s future by obtaining fair compensation for their injuries.

Injuries and deaths should not be occurring at the hands of those entrusted to keep our kids safe. Schools, day cares, and caretaking services must supervise and provide for children's basic needs. There is no justification for negligent, reckless, careless or abusive actions that cause injuries to innocent children.

As a parent, you have the right and responsibility to bring the lawsuit on behalf of your child or as "guardian ad litem." The lawsuit will look out for the best interests of the child by compensating his or her losses, and expected future losses. Typically, a guardian is appointed by the court to approve any settlement and to recommend how funds should be invested, preserved, and structured to meet the needs of the child. The funds are set aside for the child until he or she reaches the age of 18.

Most Frequent Child Injuries according to the US Centers for Disease Control:

  • Babies: Suffocation

  • Age 1-4: Drowning

  • Age 4+: Traffic Crashes

  • Age 15-19: Highest child injury rate

  • Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for children of all ages

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accident injuries can be caused by defects in bicycles or bicycle helmets, the negligence of other bicyclists or drivers of motor vehicles, or the negligent maintenance of bicycle paths. Our bicycle accident attorneys have extensive experience with bicycle accident cases and will work to achieve justice for your injured child.

Birth Injuries

During a mother’s pregnancy or the delivery of the child, children’s birth injuries are often caused by medical malpractice. Deprivation of oxygen to a fetus or newborn can cause asphyxia birth injuries. Some of the most common types of birth injuries are cerebral palsy and "HIE" (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy), both of which result in long term damage. A child’s brain injury may be caused by of pediatric malpractice during the pregnancy or during the child’s delivery. If your child has sustained any type of birth injury, our experienced team can help you obtain financial damages from the medical professionals responsible.


Children can be severely burned due to someone’s negligence or a defective product. Contact burns from touching a stove or hot water heater often occur when the child is not properly supervised. Items left out such as scalding water, electrical circuits, or fireworks are hazards to playful children. Our child burn injury attorneys handle a wide variety of burn injury cases.

Choking Hazards

According to the Center for Disease Control, the most common injury to children under one year of age is accidental suffocation. Children’s swallowing, gag reflexes, and throat capacity are not the same as an adult. Children have a tendency to place objects in their mouths, so they are particularly vulnerable to serious choking injuries or suffocation. Products that pose choking hazards like toys with small, removable or easily breakable parts, to adult products with smaller parts, are dangerous to leave out when children are around.

Crib Injuries

The leading cause of non-fatal injuries in children are fall-related according to the Center for Disease Control. Parents expect their children to be safe while they are in their cribs, yet cribs and crib products often dangerously designed for use by small children. Children are caught and strangled when their cribs slats are too far apart, or crib bumper pads with strings wrap around the child's body. Crib mobiles with small parts lead to choking injuries. The manufacturers of these defective children’s cribs may be held legally responsible for injuries or deaths caused by the product’s defect.

Daycare Supervision, Neglect, or Abuse

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, daycare providers are one of the most common perpetrators of abuse and/or neglect. Daycare injuries are more common than many parents realize. Most daycare providers are safe and careful, but many inadequately supervise children. When a child’s injuries are caused by the negligence of a daycare center and/or its employees, the center and employees can be held accountable.

Playground Accidents

Dangerous equipment on playgrounds or negligence playground supervisors can result in a child’s injury or death. Private playground owners, maintenance companies, or playground employees can be held liable for unsafe environments on the playground and lack of supervisions to protect the child. Trampolines, sports related injuries during recess, nasty falls at summer camp, or swimming pool drowning are all worth investigating to determine if they could have been prevented by thinking safety first.

School Bus Crashes

Beyond the age of 4, traffic crashes are most likely to claim a child’s life. School bus crashes can cause serious injury or death to school children. The injuries can be a result of bus driver negligence, where bus drivers allow children to run around a bus, and a crash occurs. The private owners of buses who fail to maintain buses can be negligent. The maintenance company hired by the owner of a bus can be liable for a child’s injuries. Employers of school bus drivers can be responsible for injuries caused by the driver’s negligence.

Swimming Pool Drownings

Children between ages 1 and 4 are more likely to drown than any other age group, according to the Center for Disease Control. Drowning can be fatal, but the deprivation of oxygen can result in non-fatal injuries such as brain damage. Land or property owners with pools or other bodies of water may be held legally responsible for the drowning or brain damage of a child.

Toxic or Defective Children’s Toys

Children's toys can be defective, toxic, and unsafe for a child’s use. Some toys contain small parts and cause children’s choking injuries or deaths. Others are coated with paint containing lead. Lead can cause brain damage, organ damage, or even death. Educational toys with buttons, batteries or magnetic pieces ingested by a child can be perilous to a child’s health.

Speak to a Child Injury Attorney Now

Whether your child has been hurt in a car crash or a bicycle accident, on a playground or at a pool, by a defective toy or a botched medical procedure, or due to childcare neglect or sexual abuse, only by seeking accountability can you prevent such things from happening to another child.

Washington State law recognizes that a child, by nature, is less fearful than an adult, and that children do not always appreciate the risks associated with play. For example, the “attractive nuisance doctrine” requires a landowner to alert children about dangerous conditions on their property which children might be attracted to. Properties with high rise structures, or an open pool, are required to take extra precautions to prevent children from these risks. By enforcing these rules the law protects life threatening injuries from happening to other children.

An injured child can often have medical complications and employment challenges as they mature; injuries that can be permanent and life altering. Injuries can have psychological implications, such as cognitive delays or emotional difficulties, in addition to physical consequences, such as damage to a child’s growing brain. It is important that the child’s future be protected. Our attorneys regularly consult with life care planners, pediatric neurologists and early childhood development specialists, who can calculate the financial impact of a childhood injury by projecting future medical needs and lost earnings.

Has your son or daughter been injured in an accident? Do not hesitate to give our firm a call or fill out a free case evaluation.

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